Is It My Home?

“Some things in life never change. One such thing is “home”. Some say that you can travel the whole world, live in some of the most extravagant places on earth; but you’ll never forget the comfort of being in your own home. I can vouch for this. Pretty much everyone can vouch for this. Now what I disagree with is that most people believe that they can only have one home.”

Human Connections in Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is the story about a young orphaned teen named Tohru Honda who finds herself living with her high school’s idolized male student, Yuki Sohma and his relatives, Shigure Sohma and Kyo Sohma, after accidently camping outside in their backyard. What most don’t know about this prestigious family is that the Sohmas are plagued with a longtime curse.

Don’t Give Too Much You

They say not to give too much of yourself. As a writer and artist I find that hard to do. I spent all week nurturing an article just to turn around and write the post I really wanted to write this month on that exact topic: the process of giving too much of yourself. In a time where social media almost demands it, giving too much you takes energy from your life and opens it up to public commentary.


The essence of life is quite complicated, it can make us question our mission on earth. Why are we here? Why were we created? Is there Someone upon u directing us? Is that Someone deciding whether we should be happy or sad? whether we should be good or bad intentioned?

D&D: More Than Just a Game

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a little over a year now and although I’m still fairly new to the game, I can confidently say that playing it has become one of the more meaningful passions in my life.
But my newfound obsession-nay appreciation for the game is not unwarranted. I felt compelled to write this post as I believe that Dungeons & Dragons gets somewhat of a bad reputation, not a negative one per se, but one that places it somewhere on the lower levels of the pop culture hierarchy. To quote my seventeen year old cousin who’s mean to me on Instagram, “Dungeons & Dragons is for nerds, bro”.

In The Corners Of My Mind

As a child, I loved sitting with my grandmother as she’d tell me stories of her adventures as a young artist in New York, her perspective of the “Dirty Thirties”, and, especially, the stories of meeting and marrying her true love, my Grandpa. But as the years passed, the stories she loved sharing seemed to take longer to tell as she was robbed of the details. It pained me to watch her face go vacant as she struggled to find the memories that used to be right at the tip of her tongue.