Give Yourself A Reality Check

We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish while we’re on this Earth, but no one will motivate you more than yourself. You have to become your own cheerleader, but also your own coach. This takes a lot of work on yourself but it’s worth it to be able to achieve that level of personal support.


I am a proud activist. I fight for equal treatment among everyone. For peace, respect, comprehension, communication, sensibility, attention. And as a very sensitive person it’s hard for me to not get offended by people’s negative comments or insults. I always get mad, my blood always boil and I end up losing control over myself.

Make Time For Yourself

As a kid I had tunnel vision for my career. Which is funny because I didn’t even end up going that route. All I knew was that doing well in school was important in best securing a good future. So I did that. I approached school like it was my job.

A Passion For Beauty

I was in 6th grade when I acknowledged my authentic passion for art, it was a self discovery. I remember one day I decided to draw a character from a famous anime: “WINX CLUB”. I took a sample to reproduce the drawing, I started examining her face, her hair, her eyes; then I settled my mind to the fact that it will be very easy to do it, so I started drawing.

Server Auditing

You may have heard of the security breach on Facebook servers, which they realized later. These security breaches can be eradicated or defended to a great extent if we continuously audit and monitor our servers.

Reading Between The Lines

For every photo you see on Instagram there are often 10 more like it in that person’s photo library. For every shot they took before finding “the one” they worked their angles and the lighting of the room to get it just right for the gram. Well, think of the editing process like that, except instead of it being your physical appearance as the subject it’s your memories and mind.