A Passion For Beauty

I was in 6th grade when I acknowledged my authentic passion for art, it was a self discovery. I remember one day I decided to draw a character from a famous anime: “WINX CLUB”. I took a sample to reproduce the drawing, I started examining her face, her hair, her eyes; then I settled my mind to the fact that it will be very easy to do it, so I started drawing. I’d never taken art classes before, it was the first time I explored that area, and I did it on myself, without someone pushing me through.

I worked on it several days- during free class period, lunch time, free time at home until I perfected it. As soon as I finished, I showed it to my parents. I was very proud and excited.

I remember my mom claiming how much I was talented and how I should continue in the art path. She started buying paint, canvas, pencils etc. for me to use it.

Painting was one way that set me free – I never felt as free and as happy than when I painted. I liked the sensation of smoothing the paint on a canvas ; it was like tasting heaven, and I know that the artists out there will know exactly what I am talking about and how it feels. As they say, it’s more important to find a path in life, a path you love so much you could die for it, a path you love so much you can go through everything for it, a path you love so much you can defend it until death.

Years ago I realized that I loved helping people so much that I would do anything to keep doing it until my last day on earth; art is my passion, helping people is my path, and that’s why I associated the two to find myself, to create myself, and to show myself. Through my art I try to help people by defending their causes, by supporting their causes, by believing in their causes and complains, by agreeing to join their battle.

I hope by reading this, each of you find the motivation, the envy, the desire to find a path in your life. Fight for it, fight for it so hard that you could bleed, you could cry, you could go crazy. Because you love it so much, you dedicated your life for it. That’s how I feel about my passion and my path.

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