It may be difficult to figure out who you really are, who you want to be or what you want to do. As time passes, we see the reality of the world; its difficulties, its injustice, its unreliance, its unfairness. Sometimes it is overwhelming to keep up with all that – for example, I am a proud activist. I fight for equal treatment among everyone. For peace, respect, comprehension, communication, sensibility, attention. And as a very sensitive person it’s hard for me to not get offended by people’s negative comments or insults. I always get mad, my blood always boil and I end up losing control over myself.

Everyday I try to take it slowly, little by little, with less consideration for these people. They can’t define who I am or if what I am doing is stupid because to them, I am just a sensitive lullaby who knows nothing and live the perfect dream lives.

They’re completely wrong, I didn’t choose to believe in causes like feminism or LGBTQ because I’m dumb and unknowledgeable. I choose to believe in them because my heart believes in them. Because my sensibility could not let anyone be victim of injustice without fair reason and do nothing. I always talk. I scream as loud as I can to let my voice be heard.

I pour my anger in art. I paint illustrations supporting the causes I believe in. It’s important for me to pass those messages, especially those where some people think “it’s normal” to let people live in cages and be mistreated. I am never going to shut up or stay calm about it. As long as I am alive, I will fight for my causes.

It’s important to fight for what we think is ethically just.  And as I repeat, that doesn’t mean you should support anything stupid, but please, for something with sense and respect.

After all, everyone is free to choose whatever he or she wants. I simply beg to not forget: we don’t have the same chances. As humans we should be fair and understanding in order to make this world a better place.

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