D&D: More Than Just a Game

I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a little over a year now and although I’m still fairly new to the game, I can confidently say that playing it has become one of the more meaningful passions in my life.

But my newfound obsession-nay appreciation for the game is not unwarranted. I felt compelled to write this post as I believe that Dungeons & Dragons gets somewhat of a bad reputation, not a negative one per se, but one that places it somewhere on the lower levels of the pop culture hierarchy. To quote my seventeen year old cousin who’s mean to me on Instagram, “Dungeons & Dragons is for nerds, bro”.

The game has this image of being a stereotypical “nerd hobby”, which in my opinion, sort of delegitimizes it as this unique gaming experience, and renders it this simple past time to be enjoyed by a more immature audience. I wanted to take this opportunity to express how Dungeons & Dragons has impacted my life in a positive way; by providing me with an outlet to express myself through creative means while also reigniting a passion for writing.

If you are unfamiliar with D&D and how it is played, allow me to provide a brief explanation. The game contains a very simple set up, it involves one person acting as the game master, whose role is to establish the world and narrate adventures for people to play through. Players use various role playing methods to act through scenarios as if they were there themselves. They also use a set dice to determine how successful they are at performing various actions.

As someone who grew up loving stories of fantasy and adventure, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to immerse myself in a game that provides the freedom to act, speak, and think your way through one of those stories, the way I always wanted to.

The more I played, the more I found myself thinking of ways to add to the lore and mythos of the characters and world that my friends and I created. Each adventure I played through, every character I created, would reflect some aspect of my personality or mood that I wanted to convey. From the righteous knight, to the charismatic bard, to the deceitful rogue, all these characters played extremely different in their own right, and portraying them gave me the freedom to explore different methods for solving problems. The more I engaged in the role playing elements of the game, the more comfortable I felt expressing myself in real world situations.

The imaginative ways you are able to play serve as a testament to the creativity inherent in Dungeons & Dragons. There are a myriad of books and player guides which provide a virtual smorgasbord of playable characters, monsters, and adventures, all the while encouraging you to use your imagination to put these pieces together however you’d like. After every game session, I would often find myself writing new adventures to play through while using the available information to create the most bizarre and entertaining situations I could think of. It developed into a passion that mirrored the love I had for storytelling when I was a child. 

While it may seem a little silly to assign this life altering status to Dungeons & Dragons, I can’t help but feel grateful for the time I spend playing it. I continue to play as often as I can with a close group of friends and it consistently keeps us excited and entertained. It’s a hobby that continues to bring out the best qualities in me and continues to inspire me to work on the things I am passionate about. It is a game that I highly recommend to people looking for a fun and creative experience. It is safe to say that this is one hobby I will continue to awkwardly insert into every conversation I am a part of.

Thank you so much for reading

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