Don’t Give Too Much You


They say not to give too much of yourself. As a writer and artist I find that hard to do. I spent all week nurturing an article just to turn around and write the post I really wanted to write this month on that exact topic: the process of giving too much of yourself. In a time where social media almost demands it, giving too much you takes energy from your life and opens it up to public commentary. What was once private is now considered public knowledge. From your lunch preferences, to your music selection, people in your social network and beyond now know about you from their phones and form opinions based on that.

I always figured if I had people’s attention I would use it to do good for others and that I would know exactly what to say. But the truth is we learn and evolve every single day both as individuals and as a society. What was important to be said years ago may no longer need to be repeated today. The thing is, you can only talk about what you are prepared to face yourself. If there is a part of your life that is still too raw to the touch, chances are you are not going to want to share that publicly. Then again, you just might.

They say that it is through mistakes that you truly learn a lesson and that it is through failures that you can achieve success. I have learned that whoever “they” are tend to be right about a lot. But what is success in 2019? To quote Fabolous, “money ain’t the root of all evil now, attention is.” I think that we all define success differently, but there is a growing need for public acceptance of what used to be private to be stamped with “likes”…and lots of them.

We all have our outside worlds and our online worlds. For some of us they collide more than others but either way we all have them. Whether you’re posting on the ‘gram every 2 hours, once a month, or once a year make sure to keep some things sacred to yourself.  Saying “don’t give them too much of yourself” is not the same as saying “don’t be the best that you can be,” it just means share conscientiously. Not everyone watching is a fan, but not everyone watching is a hater either. My message is and always will be to be yourself, but make sure to protect that person as well. Know yourself well enough to recognize your boundaries.

Remember, social media is a highlight reel of the moments people want you to see, not the ones they do not. What is published is what made it past the cutting room floor, not what didn’t. We edit everywhere, make sure you’re being a strong editor of your own content.

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