Make Time For Yourself

Make time for the things you love.

You are a different person to different people. Depending on perspective, you bring out different aspects in every individual you encounter. As you change, so do other people’s perceptions of you. To some you don’t give enough, while to others you give more than they have ever received. With all of that said, it is then logical to deduce that concerning yourself with the opinions of others is a futile and exhausting process. It can also be said that worrying about what people think of you should be avoided at all costs.

As a kid I had tunnel vision for my career. Which is funny because I didn’t even end up going that route. All I knew was that doing well in school was important in best securing a good future. So I did that. I approached school like it was my job. And then I started working while I was in school at one point having 3 jobs while studying a full course load at McGill. I did everything right, except I had missed something for years. I missed my love for the arts.

I wanted to heal people and the direct way I knew how to do that was to become a doctor. I studied Health Sciences at Dawson for my DEC except the guidance counselor noticed a big discrepancy in my grades. Some of my Science grades were slipping while my Humanities courses were all A’s across the board. After that meeting I recognized that my interests had shifted from Science to The Arts and I didn’t know what I was going to major in but I was going to study in that faculty for university. I already had all of the medical school pre-requisites from CEGEP and now I could study whatever I wanted.

My first semester at McGill was intellectually scintillating. I completed 5 very different courses including Biomedical Ethics, Sexual Ethics and State Behaviour. I fell in love with Political Science. It was what I always wanted to understand and after taking State Behaviour I had a taste for a passion that would become so deeply intertwined with my identity

Your course in life takes different turns and makes stops at different stations along the way. The only consistencies in that scenario are you and change. I didn’t end up becoming a doctor and I do not regret the decision. That path was not meant for me, but I am grateful for my scientific foundation. I use it every day, even in my writing. There is a rhythm to prose. Whether it is an article or a song there is mathematics in my work and geometry in my art. We all live in certain linear planes like time and then abstract ones like spirituality. No matter where you are, or what your conception of reality is, you have to be with yourself throughout the duration of your life. It is solely up to you whether or not that person nurtures his or her dreams and pursues fulfilling goals. And make note, not all roads have to lead to money; but if you can find a way to merge what you love with what you do day in and day out, do it.

Make time for yourself, even if you have to schedule it in. You have 24 hours in a day. Make sure they count and don’t just pass.

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