Starting Something New

Sometimes the beginning of something new is filled with questions. What do I do next? Where do I go from here? We naturally don’t want to fail and so our mind flutters with thoughts of how to maintain momentum and achieve our goals. But nothing happens overnight and most unchartered territory calls for a certain type of baby steps type of approach to be taken at the beginning. And some require a flying cannonball.

You have to be open to learning new things and trusting in your instincts that have brought you this far. Even if something is new, it is still an extension of all that you have done to bring you to this moment. And even if you think you do not have the traditional skill sets to accomplish your goals, use the knowhow you do have. You bring a unique set of interests and experience to every table you sit at, try and showcase your passions where and when you can.


You have to do things that are uncomfortable and unknown at first. Emerging from comfort zones often requires navigating areas where you are a beginner or a novice at best. Learn from others who had tried similar endeavours. Where did they succeed? Where did they face obstacles? Ask yourself how is your endeavour different and why do you believe in pursuing this new venture? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you with your roadmap towards your goals. It can also help you know where you stand when others question your pursuits, which they will.

No matter what their intentions people will want to know more about your endeavour for various reasons. “Why are you doing it” will almost always be at the core of their questions. Be prepared to answer these questions without taking personal offence. No one sees your vision as you do. No one will work on your passion project as you will but that does not mean that you should be afraid to link up with others. Learn to recognize who brings what expertise to the equation and value that contribution towards your vision. Take questions or criticisms with a grain of salt while allowing them to further motivate you. Sometimes what feels like a knock at first can really be a boost.


Do not get discouraged by hiccups along the way. Though distracting and possibly momentarily damaging to our self-confidence remember to believe in why you are doing this. Do not let the fear of failure or the overwhelming flood of questions you have block yourself from achieving your goals. At that point, you become your biggest roadblock and you allow doubt to win.

Every day we must adjust to a new environment. Every single day things change in our world and we must adapt. Surprises are positioned around every corner, but if your vision stays intact with all of these uncertainties in place, honour that.

Starting something new is exciting and equally scary at times. But if you ignore that inner voice inside that has been pushing you to do something, you may have regret later on in life. Overcome the fear associated with taking on a new venture by easing into it, and hit the ground running once you reach the pavement. People train for marathons, they don’t just join the race.

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