The Little Lessons I’ll Remember Forever


Sometimes, when life gets overly stressful, pick up “Le Petite Prince” or “The Little Prince”. I read the book and watched the movie a few days ago, having never heard about it until I saw a trailer for it in my YouTube suggestions. I’m so glad I clicked it – thank you YouTube algorithms!!

After I finished reading it, I realized that there is so much innocence, purity and wisdom in this book that I never comprehended as a child. However, I’m very glad I’ve finally read it. If you have read the book, keep reading.

If you haven’t, read it and come back.

If you haven’t read it as an adult, it’s a must read!

There is something for everyone in this book, where you’ll unexpectedly uncover pearls of wisdom scattered everywhere. After I finished reading, two parts from the book stood out to the most, having taught me things I’ve forgotten or have overlooked. Reading the part where the Little Prince meets the fox is heart-warming and then watching it in animation was the icing on the cake. Under the adorableness of all this lies a very profound lesson. At one point, the fox asks the Prince to “tame” him. Taming is nothing but getting to know each other and the process by which they do becomes unique to their friendship. He remarks that “Words are a source of misunderstanding” and it takes actions with time and patience to build relationships. The prince does so and they both grow fond of each other.

One day the Prince sees a garden roses. He realizes that his rose is a common rose. Our wise fox comes in and gives the Little Prince a lesson about uniqueness. He tells him that the time that he will spend with his rose will make it different from all the others. The Prince realizes this and starts to miss his dear rose. He wishes to go back to his planet and to his rose. The fox tells him to go. The prince feels bad for leaving the fox alone and sad after taming him. The fox tells the Prince that even though he’ll leave and he’ll be sad, he has given meaning to things around him. Even after he is gone, he can look around and remember the time they had spent together. The wheat-fields meant nothing to him until he saw the Prince whose hair colour was similar to them. Now, he will look at them every day and remember him.

Isn’t this pure? Too often we end up meeting people but never quite establish a “relationship” with them. We meet people but we hardly get to know them. I learnt the importance of time and patience from this book. It is a simple concept but one that we forget easily. It was so heart warming to read how we make the world around us significant. When someone we cherish leaves, it’s difficult and often feels like you built a relationship for nothing. What we can all learn here is that, it was the relationship itself that gave the world around us a meaning. I look at a gift my friends gave me and I will cherish it forever even though they have moved thousands of miles away. Friendship and other relationships are not just defined by how things are when you are with someone, they become more important and take a deeper meaning when the person is not around us anymore.

The second part that resonated deeply with me was when the Little Prince realized that he misjudged his rose by her words. In the beginning, it is evident that the rose is quite vain. She complains a lot and seeks the attention of the Prince all the time. The Prince cares for her night and day but soon grows tired of her constant nagging. The rose realizes her mistake and professes her love to the Prince. She soon realizes that she has been foolish and should have been more expressive about her feelings and even asks not to be protected anymore. But alas, the Prince leaves the planet and his rose.

Often we take the people around us for granted. We never sincerely express our love or gratitude for all that they have done for us. It is not to say that we don’t love them but the idea that some of us never open up with our actions, leaves the job undone. Don’t take people around you for granted. Don’t get so comfortable with them being around that you forget to express your love and gratitude towards them. Another thing to realize here is that the Prince could have stayed but he judged her for what was in the past. We judge people for what they had done years ago and never forgive them even though they have changed and realized what they did was foolish. It is hard in the moment but sometimes words can deceive us and we need to look into the little nudges of affection they gave us.

To conclude, I would like to share some words from our fox,

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

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