To New Beginnings

We are stepping into 2019 and I believe that now is the perfect time to talk about our own mental health. Most of us are looking back into our best and sadly, worst moments of the year. No matter what we do, we can’t avoid making mistakes. Mistakes are made and yes, sometimes we carry the guilt and regret on our backs without even realizing it. Having regrets and feeling guilty are two of the worst negative emotions that one can feel. Getting that bad grade, not being good enough at your job or not making the right decision at the right time, all stick with us and somehow overpower all the amazing things that have happened throughout the year.

I have been at this place before. Even though I’ve worked hard, not being able to reach a set goal has ruined my mood for days. I look back and I can’t help but laugh at how stupid it was. Regret and guilt shoves us into a corner that takes time to come out from. It sounds too simple to say get over something but in reality, it is very hard. It takes a lot of self-restraint to stop the negative thoughts from floating back in and it’s hardest to forgive yourself. Too many times, I’ve seen people (including myself) beat themselves up over a mistake. We get stuck in a loop of resentment and guilt that keeps us from moving forward. I’ve had friends who refuse to talk to anyone when they make a mistake and downright punish themselves over it. It is very disheartening but I understand it. It is vicious cycle that we get in and to get out of it, it takes courage.

Forgiveness is one of the major keys in life. Forgiving yourself requires understanding on why you would let something trivial overpower you and puts things into perspective. Every so often, we let too many things revolve around us that we forget what actually matters in the end. Learning to prioritize what matters paves way towards forgiveness and makes us reach for what we hope for in life. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t kill yourself over it. Everything has a season. Negativity in life has a season that ends with forgiving yourself. So like everything in the world, it comes and goes and we need to move towards new beginning with its end.


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